The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Benefits to Organizations

The better an organization works at the people level, then better it works, period. Any organization is made up of individuals working together. To the extent that those individuals are performing at their best, the organization benefits. To the extent that those individuals interact with one another more effectively – problem solve, make decisions, share information, support one another, communicate better – the organization benefits. To the extent that those individuals are healthier and happier, the organization benefits.

It is estimated that the cost of stress to the Canadian economy is in the area of $30 billion annually. That works out to approximately $2000 per working person. And, that’s not counting the lost opportunities of people not working at their best. That staff member who has a mild headache, cannot be as effective as he or she would be if they did not have the headache. The staff member who had trouble sleeping last night worrying about something, cannot be as effective as one who comes to work well rested after a good night’s sleep. Stress is not someone else’s problem – it’s everybody’s problem.


Benefits to Individuals

You will:

  • be CALMER, MORE FOCUSED AND RELAXED even in the midst of challenging situations
  • DETECT STRESS EARLIER when it’s easier to manage
  • have SIGNIFICANTLY LESS STRESS in your life. It will help you cope with virtually any illness or disease more effectively
  • experience FEWER STRESS-RELATED PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS (headaches, tension, pain, sleep disturbances, digestive problems, etc.)
  • experience FEWER STRESS-RELATED EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS (anger, anxiety, fear, depression, helplessness, etc.)
  • develop a STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM so you’ll stay healthier
  • RESPOND MORE and react less
  • feel MORE CONFIDENT and in control
  • develop BETTER INTERPERSONAL SKILLS (improved communication, conflict resolution, cooperation)
  • be MORE CREATIVE, PRODUCTIVE, and EFFECTIVE with improved problem solving and decision making skills
  • be a lot HAPPIER


Who can Benefit

Everyone can benefit. Everyone can be better than they are now. Consider top athletes. Even if they’re the best in the world. Do they stop training? No! In between games, or competitions, they continue to train their skills. They continually strive to improve.

Say you’re the CEO of an organization. It means that you’re already very good at what you do or you wouldn’t have that position. Could you be an even better CEO? Of course you could.

The same goes for anyone at whatever level they find themselves. Everyone one has the potential to improve their level of functioning, well-being, and happiness. Everyone can derive great benefits with the investment of a little time and a little effort. When one looks at the research into the benefits of Mindfulness, you can understand my belief that Mindfulness is one of the most powerful things a person or organization could do to make things better.