Corporate Applications of Mindfulness

The success of any organization depends on the effective functioning of its people – its human resources. 

Work organizations fall into two major categories: for-profit; and, non-profit.  Either way, both are interested in the best utilization of their resources – financial, material, and human.

For-profit organizations generally measure the success of any activity based on it’s impact on the bottom line. It’s called the return on investment (ROI).

While non-profit organizations may not have such hard measures as the bottom line, they, nevertheless are just as interested in stretching their limited resources as far as possible – getting the biggest bang for every buck, so to speak.

The success of any organization depends on the ability of its people to think clearly, to make good decisions, to solve problems, to think creatively, to communicate and interact effectively with each other, to understand and respond to the needs of their clients or customers. Furthermore, their success also depends on keeping operating costs down. Absenteeism, illness, stress, mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, and so on, can cost any organization enormous amounts of financial resources that could be put to better use. The benefits of Mindfulness extend to all these areas. Mindfulness helps people stay healthier. It helps people perform better individually and as a result, collectively. Investing in a Mindfulness program is one of the best investments any company could make.